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Boulder Home Statistics

You will find three graphs below that show trends in our market.

  • Avg. Sales Price – Shows the average sale price, for Single Family Homes, in the City of Boulder by month.
  • Days on Market (DOM) – Shows how long a particular home has been on the market before selling. For example when looking at this graph if it said DOM for a particular home was 36 days, and a typical closing can happen in 30 days, that means the home went under contract in 6 days.
  • Monthly Supply of Inventory – This number tells you how many months it would take for all the current homes for sale on the market to sell, given a monthly sales volume. Four to five months of supply is average: if the number is smaller, this means that buyers are dominating the market and there are relatively few sellers. The greater the number, this means there are more sellers than buyers. You can calculate the months of supply by dividing the total number of homes for sale over the number of homes sold in one month. For example, if you search in a neighborhood and notice that there were 30 homes for sale in June, but only 10 actually sold, this means that there are 3 months of supply left in the market if only 10 homes sold for each month and no more homes came on the market.

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Average Sales Price

Average Days On Market

Monthly Supply of Inventory