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When we began looking seriously at purchasing a house in Boulder we contacted a number of real estate agents. Of the ten or so that we initially met it quickly became clear that Jim was not only the most competent, but also the most genuinely interested in finding us a home.

Over the next eight months Jim patiently showed us house after house. During that time he was at once keen to understand our needs (even when we struggled to identify them ourselves) and ever-patient as our thinking evolved and we peppered him with literally hundreds of questions. If he didn’t know the answer he didn’t make it up, rather, he said he would look into it and then followed up soon thereafter. Jim helped us navigate the real estate market generally and the Boulder market specifically, and calmly acted as counselor and friend when we got frustrated with the process.

We appreciated that Jim never pressured or rushed us. Moreover, Jim was responsive and proactive in our search. One great example of this is the fact that he showed up for all of our inspections… and we had a lot (septic, well, general, water heater, survey). But more than just showing up, he had a tremendous amount of insight and experience and asked important questions. We now have the perfect home in the perfect location at a price we could afford.

If you’re looking for a patient, conscientious, detail oriented, knowledgable, funny, and all around good guy as your real estate agent we couldn’t recommend Jim more highly.

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