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Tips for Choosing the Right Boulder Real Estate Team

boulder real estate team

Buying and selling a home is among the largest financial transactions you will make in your lifetime. Choosing the right Boulder real estate team to walk you through the process is not just helpful, it is vital! Beyond finances, you are buying and selling a home. Selling your home can be an emotional experience. A good real estate agent will help you level your emotion with clear thinking. When purchasing a home, often our wish list exceeds our budget. Again, a savvy real estate team will help you navigate both sides to find a compromise that is most helpful for you for the long run.

Choosing the Right Boulder Real Estate Team

Do Your Homework

Before you contact anyone, it is good to do some homework.

Here is a list of things to look into before you contact anyone:

  • Read their online bios – do their background stories resonate? Have they listed their accomplishments?
  • Check out their social media pages – look for reviews, knowledge of the area, knowledge of the market, communication style, engagement, etc.
  • Google their name for reviews – you would be surprised at the information you can dig up by looking up someone’s name. Be realistic with what you find. If there is one bad review and several good ones, it would be good to ask the realtor about the review when you meet with them.
  • Check credentials – are they licensed? Is their license current? Do they have disputes filed against them?
  • Check their timeline – how long have they been in business? That being said, being new to the field is not necessarily bad. If you choose to interview a newer agent, talk with them about it. See how they use their fresh perspective to your advantage.
  • Look at their current listings – are they in your area? Do they seem priced properly? Are the photos attractive? Are the descriptions realistic and inviting?

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The Meeting 

Once you have identified several options, it is time to start the selection process. Although it sounds a bit grueling, it can be enjoyable! Remember, you will likely be spending quite a bit of time with this person so there are a few things to watch for as you talk with them.

First, how do they respond to your request for a meeting? You will want to make sure they are quick to respond and welcoming. Anyone who seems too rushed to make time for new clients is only going to be more harried as time goes by and likely are not a good fit.

As you are meeting, three main qualities to watch for are honesty, integrity, and a solid understanding of your needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions but it is better to view this as a two-sided conversation than an interview. Although they are there to serve you, they are also watching for a good fit. Be honest with your expectations. This is also a great time to bring up any negative reviews to see how they handle conflict. Ask questions about the area and the local market both for your own information and to see how well they know and understand the area.

Personality plays a big part in a good relationship. The dynamics of communication and trust cannot be downplayed. Even small things like finding out their communication style can be very helpful. If a potential agent only communicates via email but you never check your email, this could turn into an issue very quickly.


Agree On Expectations

Once you have your options narrowed down, be sure you agree on all expectations before you “sign the dotted line”. If you do not have full agreement, it might be time to reevaluate your fit. It is so much easier and less painful to change course before you are fully into the process. Remember, the agent wants to please you as well. If expectations cannot be met, you can both leave the engagement willingly with no hard feelings as long as you are open and up front from the beginning.

It is valuable to take your time in choosing an agent and well worth the energy to make sure you have the right one up front. If you are having a hard time deciding, one final suggestion is to simply trust your gut.